Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Home Offer provide market value for my house?

We always calculate our offers based on market value, taking into account any repairs that may be necessary. You can be confident that when we buy your home in its current condition, we will offer you the highest price we can. We don’t charge any commissions or fees, so you’ll receive the full amount.

What sets you apart from a real estate agent?

Instead of relying on real estate agents, we will buy your home directly from you. We won‘t list it or act as intermediaries. We are direct buyers, with cash readily available to purchase your property. This lets us close the deal within days once you accept our cash offer.

What type of homes do you purchase?

We purchase all kinds of homes, including single-family, detached houses, townhouses, etc. Don’t worry about the condition of your home; we will buy it as-is. We can close the deal quickly and provide cash payments, allowing you to move onto your next property with ease. Reach out to us today!

What is the duration of the sales process?

Selling your home with a cash home buyer will usually be completed within a few weeks, although it may take up to a month. On the other hand, if you use a realtor, it could take months to find a buyer.

What criteria do you use to determine the price of my home?

To figure out the value of your home, we will take into account nearby comps and what numbers need to work for us, as we are a business.